A Class Above

Founded in mid 2017, Kardinal e-liquids was created by the co-owners and artisans of Malaysia’s renowned e-liquid manufacturer Witchcraft Brewing Co. 

In an industry that is already saturated with fruity and creamy e-liquid flavour blends, and a passion of challenging the status quo, Kardinal was born out of necessity rather than profitability with the urgency and desire to create a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes. 

The tobacco series was crafted, refined and finally introduced and debuted in the UK before finally making its way back home to Malaysian retail outlets in early 2018 while simultaneously earning a cult status and huge success in the local e-liquid industry. Although fairly new and barely within a year, Kardinal is now available in more than 30 countries worldwide and is still continuing its growth.

Throughout the year, Kardinal is recognised as a premium brand with a classy and sophisticated presentation resembling of a fine wine and luxurious cigar. From our styled labels to our logo and packaging is designed with a vape connoisseur in mind rather than a pop culture fad or current trends. The brand that was once recognised as a tobacco based e-liquid is also now proving its capability and artistry on new flavour blends.